Nicole Turley

Nicole Turley

Meet Coach Nic

Nicole Turley - “Coach Nic”
CrossFit Kids Program Director

Who is Coach Nic?

She is our senior trainer of 6 years (just a couple months after we opened.) She is a Head Coach/Part Owner-Operator and Director of our CrossFit Kids program.

Nicole has her bachelors degree in Business Marketing, and spent time working in Sales when she came to Florida.  “I quickly became unenthusiastic about my job and was panicking  that I made the wrong decision to come to Florida.  So as crazy as it sounds, but as many people do,  I did a complete 180 with my career and realized my passion was in health in fitness, and now working with our youth.  I truly love teaching all ages basic exercise fundamentals and unique skills that easily transfers into everyday life.

Crossfit has been a great motivator when is comes to living a healthy lifestyle. I believe that surrounding myself with a healthy support system who believe in the same ideas as I do is the best motivation to consistently eat healthy and train hard.  I’m a huge advocate when it comes to recovery &  listening to your body. I’m also a believer in this well known quote:

Practice makes PERMANENT.

Poor form is great practice if you want poor form under heavy loads-but you will never get better that way.  Developing bad habits are detrimental to your future training.  I always train and advise with the mindset that doing what you can today is going to make you better in the long run,  and it does not matter whether you are deadlifting 5 lbs or 500 lbs, as long as you are doing it right and pushing your own personal limits.


She is a NASM CPT, Certified Level 1 CrossFit Coach, and Certified CrossFit Kids Coach.  Over the years she has studied different kinds of training methods including 1 year of assistant teaching at St Cecelia Interparochial School. Nicole also holds the following certifications:

  • NASM Youth Exercise Specialist
  • USAW Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Coach
  • Crossfit Gymnastics Certified
  • Crossfit Movement & Mobility certified
  • Certification in Applied Functional Science
    Revolutionary Approaches in Functional Exercise for the Elderly
  • BASIC LIFE SUPPORT & First Aid Certified
  • Completed all background checks to be cleared and safeguarded to work with children


Favorite lift: tie between the deadlift & cleans

Favorite WODs: Christine, Cindy

Least favorite WODs: Eva

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